With a Thin Lizzy-eque flair and an exuberance that many rock bands must be obligated to revere, Not Now Norman detail everything that the victim of an abusive relationship wants to say at the lowest lows of a situation.

The rock powerhouse that are Not Now Norman possess all of the qualities that would have you believe that you just took a time machine to the heights of rock’s acclaim and popularity, only with an added layer of lyrical importance and a confidence to highlight the topic of abusive relationships with a tune that intends to reigniting a fire in people that has been lost.

The charm of this track is that it is really difficult to tell which aspect of it is the best part with the powerful and vibrant vocals of one Taylor-Grace Mitchell, the punchy and commanding guitars and drums that raise the listener’s heart rate working in perfect tandem. It is clear from the way that vocals carry themselves effortlessly over the instrumentals is enough to let the listener know that Taylor-Grace is an incredibly captivating frontwoman with a talent that is both unwavering and only gaining momentum. The utilization of solos is a perfect resurrection of a rock tradition that is used rather sparingly in the modern musical landscape and thus carries a nostalgic weight behind it and the importance behind the lyrics is a refreshing use of an artistic platform that could assist in helping members of their listenership.

Not Now Norman are a band who have been picking up steam on a national scale with airplay on radio stations such as BBC Introducing in the North East as well as being nominated for ‘Band of the Year’ and ‘Best Alt-Rock Act’ for stations such as Radio WIGWAM and Nova Radio and, with this single, it is easy to understand why this acclaim is coming to them as well as leaving us excited regarding how much more they have in store.