Single Review| Hydeaway and Ganunga| I Lived How I Wanted To

Need a summer anthem? Look no further than “I Lived How I Wanted To” from Thomas Hydes and Joe Miller or Hydeaway and Ganunga as they’re better known.

The DJ/Producer duo from Lanarkshire have had some serious air-time from around the globe, with honourable mentions from top names in the industry such as George Bowie on Clyde 1, Mark Hall from Flip and Fill and GBX DJ Michael Smith.

“I Lived How I Wanted To”, released last March, has been voted tune of the week on Juice 1038 in Belfast and been played around the world! Composed of a euphoric soundscape of pulsing, melodic synths, and angelic vocals, this track kicks off with a rhythm that compels you to move with it. The minimalism in the lyrics allows the beat to drive the track forward, for you to really feel it in your chest.

The duo have created a musical gem which then explodes into a dynamic and vibrant track that ignites the soul and carries with it, a powerful tone of living in the moment- something we could all be doing.

“If we never see tomorrow, I know I lived how I wanted to”

Just last year, Sam Callahan a former X-Factor contestant had contacted the up-and-coming DJs to do the official remix for Callahan’s track “Something to Prove”- only a small taste of what’s to come for these two.

The diversity of Hydeaway and Ganunga as producers is a testament to their ability to cook up feel-good anthems which you could dance to all night. And with the backing of the likes of Nick Halkes, who signed The Prodigy and is the founder of several well-known record labels such as XL and Positiva, the only question left to ask is – is there anything Hydeaway and Ganunga can’t do?