Following the release of EP ‘ A Great Day for the Parish’ late last year, Glasgow’s own False Friends are back, and with an important message on fitting in.

The five piece’s latest track ‘Dress Like a Tourist’, recorded in the renowned Magic Box Dundee is guaranteed to lift your spirits during this difficult time, with its strong synth pop presence and feel good vibe.

The track instantly captures the attention of the listener with its fluorescent introduction and vibrant use of electronic keyboards. The keyboards then begin to soften as they accompany the vocals in a mellow manner. The vocals within particularly stand out as they highlight the band’s distinct accents, which pleasantly compliments the instrumentation in a similar way to bands such as Twin Atlantic. The tune later builds to the forcible chorus which delivers the statement of “Preach to yourself, no one else matters”, which presents the importance of self-love and not worrying what others think. This song has a brilliant climax in the way it progressively becomes more and more exhilarating. The tune is rounded off with a vivid instrumental before one last reminder that it’s crucial to be yourself and it’s okay to be unique, which is illustrated through the lyrics “Dressed like a tourist, thought it was cool.”

In all this tune is highly recommended for those in need of enlightening and you can stream it on Spotify using the link below.