Single Review | Ewan MacFarlane | Won’t Stop Burnin

Established artist Ewan MacFarlane has a right to be known as a respected solo connoisseur with new heartfelt single Won’t Stop Burnin’. Known initially for acts such as Apollo 440 and The Grim Nothern Social, MacFarlane has experience in several genres.

Following off the back of his debut album, Always Everlong, Won’t Stop Burnin’ is full of heel-turning pain and glory, setting the theme for the album it’s attached to, Milk.

Speaking on Won’t Stop Burnin’, MacFarlane said:

“One thing led to another, and we ended up having a massive barney. Taking none of my s**t, when the car stopped at the traffic lights outside the subway, she jumped out the car in the middle of the road, told me in no uncertain terms to go f**k myself, and to go to see The Snuts on my own. She then hopped onto the subway to make her way home. This is the story of that night.”

WSB – Ewan MacFarlane – EPK

While listening to the track based on a night out with his wife, Jo, the intensity of the matter at hand is well presented as if you were in the back seat observing.

Accompanying the lyrics is an instrumental full of grunt, which is yet upbeat as if it was a ray of sunshine over them both and even though the song centres around an argument you can still feel their love in the lyrics.

WSB – Ewan MacFarlane – EPK

The Glaswegian adds a level of relatability to the day-to-day feeling of this song. Portraying a personality and normality to an otherwise discussion on a heated argument.

Everything about this song is so easy and addictive to nod and sing along with. There have been references to Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty when discussing MacFarlane’s Solo work, which I agree with. Yet this track gives me feelings of David Bowie’s Heroes; which could be down to the consistent instrumentals and exasperated tone lyrically.

MacFarlane has succeeded with this track, and I cannot wait for Milk, which is released on October 28th.