The unmistakable sound of Doss is always sure to shake things up as it crashes through the usual new releases of the week, with his brand of minimalist Glaswegian drum machine punk that always leaves a strong impression. ‘The Mullets are Moving in’ is Doss’s strongest track yet.

The long awaited follow up to last year’s incredible ‘Lungs’ it is a track defined by it’s snarling social critiques that invoke a welcome nostalgia of doss’s earlier singles such as ‘Redundant’ and ‘Posers’ with it’s angered yet sarcastic vocal delivery sitting beautifully on top of it’s driving post punk bassline. Lyrically it examines the ever growing problem that is Glasgow’s expanding gentrification with lines like “Still talking about the west end and I don’t mean to bore ye’ but we’ve already got one, we don’t need any more yeah?” and “I’m no tryin’ to say ye’ canny move to where you’re no fae, but where’s the authenticity when the locals canny stay?”. It is middle class new age types sporting mullets taking the bullet on this one to comedic effect, hopefully in good humour if you happen to sport a mullet and to be fair nobody is safe from the crosshairs of Doss really (also noted is that Doss has posted on instagram this morning “To any sound c***s with mullets, sorry but we know who this tunes about, don’t we?” Cue nervous laugh).

Overall the track will go down well with those who have been patiently waiting for new Doss material and help further cement his position at the very top of Glasgow’s diverse range of unsigned artists with his harsh, humorous and impactful music. ‘The Mullets are Moving in’ is out now.