Photo By Douglas Hill

Bubbatrees a Dark Pop/New Wave band from Glasgow released there new song ‘ Daddy’s little evil ’ on the 25th of October captivating and luring in new and old listeners with there unique and original sound.

‘ Daddy’s Little Evil ’ starts with a 80s synth sound that is up beat and full of energy it immediately gets your head bopping along. The introduction of the strong voice of Andy Gibb comes in an takes the beat down a bit with a contrasting sound, Just as we are settling into the song the original upbeat vibe comes back with a vengeance and brings in the second voice of Kyle Findlay blending perfectly with Andy’s voice. 

The song has a very open message of being in a relationship with a toxic person but being to close to see their bad traits and letting them take you along “your daddy’s little evil nightmare, bringing out the devil in my eye’s” 

With new music and gigs on the way this year the trio are definitely a band to watch out for. 

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