Brontës saunter into the scene’s spotlight with distinctive debut single

Pubs and alcohol can sure take it’s toll on a person after a while but it can also turn you on to some good bands if you know the right people and places. Whether that’s much of a consolation, I’ll leave up to the judgement of the reader. My last late night tip off was not only a relief but a much needed surprise. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was expecting from Brontës but it certainly wasn’t what came tunnelling through my earphones.

‘First Hand Arrogance’, is a track that pulsates with bravado and charm. From the first jagged funk-fastened riff, your in. They have some of that dancefloor-filler guitar magic that their other Scottish peers like, ‘Orange Juice’ or, ‘The Lappelles’ championed. Brontës wear a disco influence on their sleeve that doesn’t feel cheesy or put on in a way that say, ‘Simply Red’ covering a Robert Johnson song would. Instead, ‘F.H.A’ exudes the colourful steadfast surety of a fresh new band, producing head-turning anthems that would make even the most taciturn bore tap their foot in appreciation.

However, this song is not only vibrant in sound. Lyrically, the five piece carry on the great indie tradition of expelling all their pent up frustration on a person or what they represent and committing it to a catchy but angered melody much like The Courteeners did in ‘Fallowhill Hillbilly’ or the Arctic Monkeys in ‘Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong but….’. Still, the vocals never deviate too far from a calm, soothing croon, showing that disdain doesn’t always have to lose it’s cool.

The person on trial in this song I believe (please keep in mind that this is my assumption) are the kind of people who are attracted to music scenes on account that they can attribute a level of power and status while exploiting that to fuel their own fickle ego. While Glasgow’s music scene is well known for it’s good community spirit and inclusivity (and for very good reason!), people like this are not only inevitable in a music scene situation but in every walk of life which makes this song not only a bold statement but a highly relatable and distinct song in the scene’s melody map. Brontës career is seemingly in it’s early stages but one thing I can surmise from this cool disco indie anthem is that they are ready for you, if you’re ready for them.

Don’t just take my word for it, have a listen for yourself below and remember to follow the band on their socials to keep up with all that’s to come!