Dreamy is the first word that came to mind when initially hearing Community Service, the new track from Glasgow band Bottle Rockets. Realising pretty immediately how shallow that description was, a decision was made to listen several- severalmore times to find the language to accurately describe this single.  

The conclusion is that yes, Community Service is dreamy. It’s also just really, really brilliant.  

It’s a coming-of-age anthem, feeling nostalgic both sonically and lyrically. Upon listening, you focus on the words. You want to hear exactly what Kenzi, the lead vocalist, is telling you. The cheery sound conflicting with the heavy lyrics not only makes it an intriguing listen, but just blatantly enjoyable.

The builds to the chorus, especially the final build, have inclines that truly excite you as a listener. The song isn’t just fun, but, musically, it’s skilful and tidy.  At less than three minutes, Community Service is tight and compact. Short and sweet is the way to describe it- perhaps too short. The inevitable end comes all too soon in this banger- albeit, that’s what the ‘repeat’ button is for.  

The indie-pop/rock band are on the rise. This single is just something they can add to their arsenal of bangers once they (hopefully) release more.  

Community Service will be released on March 31st. Bottle Rockets currently have no headline dates but will be supporting Soft Cult at Stereo on April 8th. It’ll be a chance to see two cracking acts, so get tickets whilst you can. 

Feature image credit: @ bottlerocketsofficial on Instagram

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