Billy Mitchell’s exuberant new track is one that has been much anticipated by fans for months, following the release of the incredible EP ‘Time Takes its Toll’ back in October of last year.

Produced by Bruce Rintoul in Glasgow, ‘Know You Better’ delivers the authentic sound of Dundee’s music scene and is destined to be another favourite due to its vivacious melody and euphoric vibe.

Right at the beginning of the track we are presented with a toe tapper, as an energetic, yet blissful guitar riff gradually falls into the Dundonian’s signature acoustic sound. We are pleasantly presented with a swift change as the drums play a vigorous and climatic beat with the guitar subtly giving the off same effect and leading us into the elated chorus.

The bridge, albeit short and sweet, provides a more dramatic theme as the key changes. We are then enlightened by a mellowed rendition of the chorus, which brilliantly flourishes into the final remark of “I wanna get to know you better, I wanna keep you up all night”, modulated in order to highlight the excellent vocal ability of the singer, whilst the drums slowly draw us closer to the end of the track.

Overall an excellent and joyous track which is certain to pick your mood up, and you can stream it using the link below.