Following her debut EP, Dreaming With The Lights On, Be Charlotte has started the year by sharing two of its tracks, now softly reimagined. The latest of the two being “We Are Burning“; the enchanting embers of the first spark, “Burning“. 

Written in collaboration with Irish pop artist, JC Stewart, the Dundee-grown singer-songwriter narrates the song as ‘a call to action and a cry for help’.

“I cannot wait to play this song on tour in November. I wrote this song to try and describe those moments when you feel like giving up but there‘s always a reason to keep going. This is for those who have burnt the candle at both ends for too long. It’s my way of saying we need to be there for each other, no matter what. ”

Be Charlotte showcases her voice so delicately that it allows each word to rise and settle. Similarly, she flows effortlessly through a beautifully, heartache-soaked melody. Matching her vocals, the track itself stays humble. It builds from underneath, made from soft sounds that are tentatively introduced; consequently growing to a full-bodied piece without much notice. 

Listen to “We Are Burning here, or find tickets for her UK November Tour at