ASTER is an upcoming indie from Glasgow. Having gained a following on social media for her soothing voice and beautiful melodies, ASTERS fans are eager to hear her newest single “Unaware Bliss.”

The track opens with mesmerising synth and airy guitar sounds drenched with reverb. The intro immediately sets the tone for the rest of the track with its calming yet eerie sounding instrumentation. ASTER enters with soft lyrics her vocals sounding incredible and unique whilst fitting the tracks tone perfectly.

The song begins to build with subtle drum pads and bass. This building up creates a new atmosphere within the song. The song then reverts back to the original more stripped back part. This ties in with the songs theme. ASTER explains that the song was “Written in a moment of asymptomatic euphoria, often experienced in the early stages of grief (in this case the inevitability of the end of a relationship), and the clouded judgement that keeps you stuck in that recurring moment.” The idea of recurring moments and thoughts fits well with the songs structure as it reverts to the original part therefor linking the song’s lyrics to its structure. The building up within the song also is a good metaphor of the feelings rising that the song’s lyrics are describing.

The lyrics fit the tracks theme perfectly are very powerful in what they are saying. Likewise, they fit ASTER’s vocals perfectly as her voice is equally powerful and contains an almost melancholic feeling which suits the track.

The song continues to build making it interesting to listen as new parts are being introduced throughout the track. Despite the changes within the single it simultaneously sticks to the original atmosphere perfectly making it consistent yet still intriguing to listen to.

The track ends with a powerful instrumental section and lead guitar solo which makes the song feel well concluded as this is what each section was building to. The song builds up to the outro without being too overbearing and sticking to its original themes. This consistency makes the song a great listen as each change within the track feels perfectly in place.

Overall ASTER’s newest single “Unaware Bliss” is engaging from is intro to the end and is definitely worth a listen. The tracks building up throughout and atmospheric instrumentation make it interesting and a great listen. ASTER’s powerful vocals and are both strong and soothing at once and are a great match to the song. “Unaware Bliss” is to be the opening track of ASTER’s upcoming EP, “There We Were, In a Frame”. The EP is definitely something to look out for as its opening track is already amazing.