Scottish folk rockers Ardentjohn have been on the scene since the early naughties, and their newest single, Orange Nights, was one of the songs that first brought them together. It was first released as a single back in 2007 but has since been revamped for their latest album Malin Head, due to be released on Friday.

Orange Nights begins with a simple acoustic guitar chord progression that opens up into a soundscape of ambient electric guitar melody and a descending piano ostinato. This piano theme repeats later and feels bright and happy but at the same time it falls, reflecting the song’s overall bittersweet tone. The song is filled with poetic, stand-out lyrics that resonate with the listener on a deep level, but without bringing the mood down.

It develops into an instrumental section where the minor tonality really homes in on the melancholy side of the song. The beat feels faster and driven at this point, thanks to the addition of a shaker playing semiquavers- the diminution of the beat that creates tension before brightening again, back to the main major progression; the minor fades quickly from the listener’s mind and is replaced with warm, uplifting tones once more. The earlier falling motif returns but this time in the electric guitar, a feature over a thicker wall of sound that brings the song back into the final chorus.

“Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough”

Aptly named, Orange Nights really does give off the vibe of a warm summer golden hour, a time for reflection as the day comes to an end. The track is set to be accompanied by a lockdown themed music video, to be released on the same day. Ardentjohn haven’t been quiet over lockdown either- you can watch their “Live Lockdown” version of their 2010 tune Home to tide you over before the release of Orange Nights.

Ardentjohn – Orange Nights Out 24/7/2020