Glasgow based singer-songwriter/producer Aonghas Maxwell is behind this light summer track that will be sure to make you smile.

Dawn was released just in time for that end-of-May heatwave, where some light indie feels did not go a miss. This track sees Maxwell venture from his previous folk, Mumford and Sons vibe into the pop/rock scene, with a good balance between upbeat riffs and deeper lyrics, which are an expression of some very real and relatable feelings. The opening riff is warm and earthy, which is paired with his clean yet raw vocals. The chorus is catchy, lively and has some very pleasing harmonies to compliment the melody. A strong guitar solo with a classic rock feel leads smoothly from one chorus to the next, and the rhythm section throughout has a light but forward moving drive to it.

Dawn is accompanied by a simple yet creative and fun lyric video with a genuine, wholesome feel to it. It’s evident that a lot of time and love has went into this tune, and it has certainly paid off. It’s a nice easy listen, which is very welcome in times like these.

A Maxwell has been on the scene for some time now, but Dawn feels like the beginning of something much bigger for his solo project in the future.