Glasgow’s New Wave band Bubbatrees were kind enough to do a wee chat on all things they are up to during lockdown.

What effects has the lockdown had on you as an artist?
Lockdown has had its obvious disadvantages, we haven’t been able to rehearse as a full band and we obviously haven’t been able to gig, however it has had a majorly positive effect on writing. My creative juices have been flowing in overload, this is the most free time I have ever had to spend on music and I’d like to think the product is something new and interesting. It has given me more time to experiment and go down routes I perhaps might not have taken with previous songs, and I’d like to think that the lockdown is just a small speed bump in what has otherwise been a very productive and enjoyable experience for me personally.

How have you taken advantage of all the free time? 
I have been spending a lot of my time writing and recording new music, and I have also been putting out acoustic versions of songs every Friday which helps bring some kind of routine to the chaos. Regular alcoholic beverages have also been involved!

What’s your first drink at the pub when we’re allowed out?  
Probably a pint of whisky.

What are you most looking forward to at your first live gig back?
As far as I know nothing.nowhere is still playing Glasgow in September, I think we’ll be going to that. I saw him last time at King Tuts and it was definitely up there on my list of best shows, he really brings the energy and everything about his performance was fantastic.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your music?
Our music is tantalizingly hard to put a finger on. We blend unique synth sounds with anthemic and powerful drums and bass, as well as melodic and uplifting guitar and vocals. We most recently took a lot of influences from certain 80’s bands and also more recent goth electronic groups. We each have vast musical tastes and influences and the product of mixing these together is Bubbatrees. If you like catchy songs with a bit of an edge you will enjoy us.

If you could cover one song, what would it be and why?
At this very moment it would probably be Dua Lipa – Cool, it’s just such an obviously nice pop song with good vibes all round, it would be fun to cover a version of it. 

What’s your favourite Scottish artists / bands at the moment?
The Ninth Wave, Humour, Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton, Zoe Graham

What’s your favourite Scottish venue you have played at? 
Saint Luke’s 

Describe the Scottish music scene in 3 words?  
Huge. Interesting. Enthusiastic.

What do you think 2021 will be like on the gigging scene? I think it will be like something we have never seen before, the amount of musicians like ourselves who are dying to play to an audience again will be explosive. I think it’s really something to look forward to.

You recently released Regression, what’s the reaction been to that?People seem to like it which is always a positive, it always receives a good reaction at the live shows, our single previous to that Daddys little evil seems to be a fan favourite though!

Should we expect any new music in the near future?
Expect a lot of new music from us! We currently have a few things recorded and ready to go but we’re still figuring out what to do with them. Once we can get back into the studio we will have a lot more material to release, I’m sitting on a good body of work right now so exciting times ahead!