Hydeaway and Ganunga | Chasing Stars | Album Review

As the Scottish music scene opens up for the first time in nearly two years, DJ duo Hydeaway and Ganunga have timed the release of their debute album to perfection.

Chasing Stars is comprised of sixteen tracks brimming with musical goodness. The title track starts the show with a dreamy blend of pulsing synths and clean guitar riffs, which compliment the airy vocals layered on top. All of which captures the listeners attention and gets you in the mood to listen on.

A mix of old favourites and new releases means there’s something for everyone. “Chasing Stars” is a testament to the pairs ability to expand and create music that is unique and rich in authenticity.

Despite Hydeaway and Ganunga only being present in the Scottish music scene for less less than five years, they’re already making waves- synth and otherwise. They have amassed global airtime and attention from some of the biggest names in music production. Leading the way for other Scottish DJs and putting such an underrepresented genre on the map.

My personal favourite, “Hold On To Me” has got some serious potential! A musical landscape of melodic, plucked synths and drum machines paired with the warm, angelic vocals which contrast the lyrical content they sing of- a truly dynamic piece.
Lyrically, this tune bears the struggle between two people and how holding on to each other is a lifeline.

“Don’t let go of what it was, when you know you found the one. Just hold on, hold on to me”

“Chasing Stars” closes with a bang(er). “Thinking of you” will have you reaching for the stars wherever you listen to it. It’s grabs your attention with all-cosuming bass and vocal harmonies. When the drop kicks it in, it’s impossible not to move you feet. The beat pulls you to dance with it.

A steller piece of work from Hydeaway and Ganunga who are breathing some life into their corner of the music world.

So whether it’s your bedroom or the socially distant dance floor you find yourself on, be sure to stick on your favourite song and loose yourself to it because at the end of the day…you lived how you wanted to!

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