Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes | Glasgow Barrowlands | 22.11.2021

Monday Club tends to be a night that brings madness, and Frank Carter’s headliner in Glasgow’s East End was no different. On the road with his much anticipated 4th album, Sticky, Frank & his Rattlesnakes kicked off their last week of the tour the iconic Barrowland Ballroom and in his own words “it was a dream to be back home”. 


Main support of the the evening was Bristol’s self named ‘masked drag monster’, Lynks. A highly entertaining 45 minute set bringing the aesthetics and atmosphere of the most raucous drag shows to the night. Taking part in their first tour, the response from the Glasgow crowd would suggest it won’t be their last tour becoming a big hit not only musically but with his between songs comedy. 

Frank Carter.

Now it’s time to enter the snake pit. A jam packed ballroom ready for some expected carnage. Even a cast on Frank’s arm from a previous injury on tour didn’t prevent him from going hard, after a big start with “My Town” & “Wild Flowers”, Frank wasted no time in getting stuck in. 2019 banger “Kitty Sucker” kicks in and he was straight into the crowd standing tall doing what he does best. Kicking on next with the album title, “Sticky” and then “Rat Race”. A large chunk of the new album made its way into the set and rightly so. Arguably one of his best albums, bringing into the set huge songs like “Cupid’s Arrow”, “Cobra Queen” and most recent single, “Off With His Head” with guest appearance from Cassyette. Not the only collab of the night, support act Lynks made an appearance for two songs, “Go Get a Tattoo” & “Bang Bang”. Crowd favourite “Devil Inside” was of course on the set but was sung but super fan Callum who came on stage and really owned his moment. Playing us out the evening we’re sung by huge crowd efforts, “I Hate You”, “Lullaby” & “Crowbar”.

Frank truly showing why he is one of the best front men in music and in rock at the moment. Broken arm or not, Mr Carter & his Rattlesnakes made Glasgow their playground.