With this perfectly crafted collection of tracks, the Edinburgh band tap in to and explore the core of human nature and emotion as their lyrical candor continues to become more and more refined and impressive

Wrest are a band who, if you are a follower of them since before the release of their debut record ‘Coward of Us All’, seem to know themselves and their sound more and more with every release and with this highly anticipated EP, they certainly make no exception to that pattern. Recorded entirely during the quarantine period, it appears that the lads have done their best to ponder and reflect on themselves in order to pour their hearts out through these 5 tracks.

From the very opening strum of the first track ‘Waiting for Poetry’, we are invited into this warm and inviting setting that the band are able to create through this perfectly crafted blend of instrumentals as they use this track as a primer and a display of foreshadowing to introduce the listener to the mellow yet intense experience they are about to embark on.

‘A Perfectly Spherical World’ is a track that has been previously discussed but, since it’s release, the impact and the message of the track has not lessened but heightened. The drive and need to reinforce the spirit and the message of human connection is one that the band does not take lightly as the isolation and the negative energy surrounding the early lockdown period drives this track to be more of a positive energy than anything else.

‘Blood’ is a track that is able to take a listener on an emotional rollercoaster as there is a vast change of direction in the project’s tone in terms of the sonic landscape that the band are able to create as they once again are able to reinforce a positive message in the fact that human beings bleed the same blood and thus should build each other up, especially during a point in the worlds history where it seems like the odds are not in our favour

‘Hello Indigo’ is where the project begins to rediscover it’s mellow and introspective basis as the listener is once again provided with a soft melody accompanied by a warm and familiar voice. With the track running just under 5 minutes, it is the band’s most interesting release to date with the track taking on many different ideas and sonic concepts whilst still being able to maintain its consistency in regards to the rest of the project. This is a track that well and truly knows its place in the universe.

With the band being a sucker for a good tearjerker in their most polished and optimal form, ‘Universe Around You’ is an incredibly fitting track for this category as the project’s closer is awash in beautiful lyricism and the soft pluck of a guitar: a formula that the band utilizes better than anything else you’ll hear. The track sums up the running themes of the EP perfectly with the lyric ‘maybe there’s a reason that i’ve found you’ following on the theme of human connection and overall, reassuring the listener that everyone in the world is connected through their own desires to find peace in the world through others and most importantly, themselves.

Check out ‘A World That Has Left You Unspoken’ and other Wrest tracks using the link below: