Serene and dreamy electronic music that sounds as picturesque as a beautiful sunset looks, the new Sun Mirrored Sky EP from Listening Satellites is a meditative reprise my Sunday afternoon needed. Following on from their 2018 release ‘Everything is a Glitch’, this long-awaited EP brings much happiness to my musical heart. Hailing from Inverness, this chilled, lo-fi affair is like the lapping of waves on coastal breaks on a breezy autumn day.

The EP kicks off with a nifty wee number titled ‘Quietly Disappearing’. It swathes and moves in waves of rolling bliss. It’s characteristic of a late-night festival after party chill space. Imagine soft cushions, wafts of chai tea and incense floating through your senses. It’s a sleepy, comforting track, so effortlessly composed.

The namesake of the EP, ‘Sun Mirrored Sky’, despite its name sounds a wee bit less nature-full and more sleepy sloth like. Subtle sampling of sparkling tones shine through when the beat goes numb for brief moments throughout the track. It glitters with bubbling, rippling arpeggios that layer above a solidly constructed backbeat.

‘Better Lost than Broken’ introduces some vocal sampling that changes things up a little bit. They are brought in slowly, quiet to start, increasing in volume and intensity as time goes on. These are some highly palpable sounds. Lastly, but not leastly, ‘Ascending’ is a spiritually fulfilling awakening. The major rising crescendos paint a picture of something highly energising: it’s your rechargeable battery for the soul.

Listening Satellites know how to put together something so humbly understated, your mind will be nothing short of blown. You can check out the new EP by heading over to their page for more sultry, streamlines electronic magicalness.