Clydebank singer-songwriter Erin Ponsonby recently dropped her folky pop debut EP “Little Town”.  This delightfully melodic and warm 4 track package is Ponsonby’s first release since her debut single “Want Me Too” back in 2017. She has been busy over the last few years, with some notable support slots with Hue & Cry and Into The Ark. She also likes to keep it old school in this ever digitalised world by regularly busking in cities across the country, which earned her a feature on “Emily Sande’s Street Symphonies” on BBC Scotland in 2019. So after a little break from recording it’s nice to hear some new music from such a promising Scottish artist.

The EP opens with a soft and soothing little number called “Don’t Let me Drown”. The track has a very simplistic acoustic arrangement that pleasantly frames Erin’s mellifluous vocals. The lyrics depict that familiar feeling of struggling to tread water, that I am sure many of us are familiar with. The song is dripping with vivid metaphorical images that embody the message of the song; “I’m going under and my lungs can’t take it, it’s getting deeper, I don’t think that I’ll make it”. The gentle vibes of the track are complemented throughout with distant harmonies and a transparent reverberated lead guitar part acting as an interlude between verses.

Things kick up a notch on “Getting Over You”, portraying a powerful and defiant tone throughout whilst sticking to Ponsonby’s signature acoustic sound. The track begins with a distinct lead guitar riff catching the listener’s attention followed by a verse with a stripped back arrangement drawing focus to the songwriter’s delightful vocals. By the time we hit the pre-chorus the drums kick in and from there it builds through to an epic hooky chorus surrounded by arpeggiated guitar chords and layered vocal, generating an empowering and uplifting feel for the track.

Track 3 injects a bit of cheery pop into your life and tells a story of seeking a “Love Like the Movies”. This song makes you feel warm and cosy like a cup of tea on a cold night with its catchy and playful melody.

The release is rounded off with a country-rock banger called “Northern Lights”. On this track, Erin abandons her stripped back busker vibes for distorted guitars and a rocky drum groove. The chorus has an infectious hook and is complemented by some lovely fiddle playing in the distance. Erin’s voice on this track is a delight to listen to providing cheerful country-pop melodies and pleasing tones to warm your soul.

If you are looking for some easy listening and catchy tunes check out the release below.