Dundee-based musician, Be Charlotte is back with a new EP ‘You Stole The Summer’.

Critically-acclaimed Dundee-based musician, Be Charlotte is back with a new EP ‘You Stole The Summer’. Be Charlotte has been a prolific member of the Scottish music industry, gaining worldwide recognition for her melodic hooks and emotionally thought-provoking lyrics.

‘You Stole The Summer’ is a beautiful and emotionally bare piece of work, with each track ensuring moments of vulnerability that allow the listener to connect with and lose themselves in each layer of the song.

The EP opens with the title track ‘You Stole The Summer’, which from the beginning sets you up for an emotional journey that anyone can relate to in one way or another. The song opens with some soft guitar picking before the vocals enter and carry you along with the story. The lyrical content is honest and lays out the foundations perfectly for the rest of the EP with some stand-out lines such as ‘The sun shines brighter, without you in my life’ and ‘You are nothing to me, You don’t get to know me’.

The second track ‘I Guess You Know That’ explores themes of betrayal and hurt, which are beautifully portrayed by the initial piano melodies and vocal hooks that open further as the song progresses. The track offers a lot of breathing space and feels very open, which really allows us as the listener to fully immerse ourselves within each of the melodies and layers. The track ends with some stripped-back piano and vocals that leave us wanting to listen to the song again and again.

‘I Need The Lights Off’ is the third track on the EP. Similar to ‘I Guess You Know That’, the song again features a lot of space that allow the vocal harmonies to flow perfectly in and out and offers a real highlight within the song. Another highlight of the piece is the bridge section before a more stripped-down chorus, the section features the lyrics ‘Here we go, another night, a kaleidoscope, I’m colour blind’ that present a really interesting piece of imagery, that will leave you thinking about it even after the song has finished.

The fourth track is ‘I’m Still Hurt’, the song opens with some bright sounding piano before the vocals enter shortly after. This track is one of the more upbeat moments of the EP and presents a really memorable chorus of ‘Do not disturb, i’m still hurt’ that leaves you excited to hear it again! The lyrics and the instrumental provide an interesting contrast with each other, with the lyrics being slightly more melancholy to the bright instrumentation, however this acts as a highlight of the whole EP.

The last track is ‘We Are Burning’ which completes and compliments the rest of the EP so perfectly. The song again opens with some acoustic guitar with some light melodic keys parts before the vocals enter. The vocals layer so beautifully throughout the duration of the piece and offer a reflective tone that effectively rounds off the album.

Overall, ‘You Stole The Summer’ is an emotional and stunning journey through some of life’s more sombre moments and is a piece of work that everyone can relate to in their own way. Every track is so beautifully composed and is a treat to the listener! I for one, can’t wait to see what Be Charlotte does next.