Ayrshire indie-quartet Stereo Fire are setting themselves up to become an established member of the currently thriving Scottish music scene once live music makes a long awaited return.

Managed by B12 Entertainment, the indie rockers already have a few live performances under their belt as well as several live stream performances online throughout lockdown where they have displayed their repertoire of not only popular covers from the indie genre but original music too. The group showcase influences ranging from Catfish and the Bottlemen and SWMRS to Biffy Clyro.

Stereo Fire followed up their first demo – ‘Metaphor’, with their latest release from March of 2021. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Leah Batty, describes their newest single – ‘I Listen To Arctic Monkeys (demo)’ as “probably the most fun song to write out of all our tracks.” She then added, “it isn’t like any other song we’ve got since it’s structured more like a story. Even when we play it at our band practices it creates more energy than we’ve ever had before – we can’t wait to play it live and watch the energy shine through a venue and not just a studio.”

Just as much as all lovers of indie music, the group are desperate for a return to live music venues where they can perform their two singles live. As the tunes were recorded and released over lockdown, the majority of fans may not have had the pleasure of hearing a live rendition of the demos.

Artwork for ‘I Listen To Arctic Monkeys (demo)’

Check out ‘I Listen To Arctic Monkeys (demo)’ on Spotify below!