Gutter-pop group Night Caller has given the people what they want, releasing their latest single ‘Number One Wee Guy’ on the 31st May. The band from Leith were created just over a year ago and are experienced in the music business as within the group – having worked alongside Paul Weller and The Coral. If you don’t know about these experts of sound, then get to know.

The start of this single reminds me of a Stone Roses intro with the fast beats of the drums and a groovy bass guitar following closely next to them. You’ve got the plucking of electric guitar creeping in gradually and then the vocals burst through all of that from frontman Danny Paylor. Being compared to Elvis and Arctic Monkeys, it’s hard to disagree with that comparison as I was listening to the single I thought how he was a Scottish sounding Elvis myself. Such a fun sounding song to listen to, there is blasting sounds, striking muted strums, a 50’s rock ’n’ roll type feel to it. I can see this being a fan favourite at live shows should they play it (please!). Three minutes of pure delight should you dare press play on this wee gem. Go for it.