With their heaviest and most direct sonic direction yet, Secret Public make their presence known and pick up some ears on new track ‘My Fault’

With their heaviest sonic direction yet, Secret Public make their presence known and will be sure to pick up some ears on new track ‘My Fault’. There’s a lot that can be said in music about being forward and candid with your listenership in music and with this release, Secret Public follow on the success of their previous records with something much more boisterous, loud and in your face.

With breakdowns and riffs that are reminiscent of the likes of the Blackened Sky era from Biffy Clyro and 100 Broken Windows era from Idlewild, it can be said that Secret Public are not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve with this grunge and heart-racing backdrop. An undoubtedly memorable hook, that can be idealized as one that will echo throughout venues in the not too distant future, the band stake their claim as one of the most exciting young upstarts in the scene today.

Accompanying this harmonious cacophony of brilliance comes a vocal bridge that does well to act as a catalyst for an explosive finish, that will undoubtedly leave listeners wanting more. Overall, it can be said that this band are fundamentally complicit in bringing back the gargantuan rock sounds that dominated Scottish airwaves in the late 90s to the mid 2000s and with that being said, they are making their way into the hearts and souls of music lovers across the nation.

With tour plans being scrapped for the near future given the current state of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be said that this track is a more than adequate offering to help tide gig enthusiasts over until the time comes.

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