The sun is shining and restrictions are easing, which can only mean one thing, summer is almost upon us and it’s time to get those summer playlists queued. Beginning with the lucid track ‘Always’ brought to us by none other than Dundonian, dream pop, quintet PLASMAS.

Exploding with vivaciousness ‘Always’ follows on from the widely acclaimed ‘Look & See’ released just under a year ago. However, with ‘Always’ being the boys’ most inspiriting track to date there is no doubt that this release will receive more praise that ever before, and deservedly so. The tracks’ flourishing riffs and overall vibrance are much in tune with the times we are moving in, highlighting the optimistic and general spirited brilliance of the song.

As sung in the chorus “high on a feeling” is incredibly apt for the effect this tune has, with the immense sense of halcyon clinging on to it. ‘Always’ is a song that portrays a feeling of unworldly optimism and teaches us to cherish the good in life, whilst it’s here. If this track shows us anything it’s that this band has raw talent which is proven both lyrically and musically, as every band member credits themselves in providing an elevating sound to highlight the hopeful spirit surrounding the lyrics. The chemistry between the bewitching guitar riffs and entrancing synths make the track as do the compelling vocals. Much like the bands’ latest aesthetic and single cover, this track is beaming with colour and is an encouraging first step into the new sound the band is aiming to embrace, a journey I personally am eager to hear.

In all ‘Always’ is an amazing track and I highly recommend you let Connor’s spellbinding guitar playing and Rory’s enrapturing synthesizers take you into another dimension, an experience in which you won’t regret.