Scots born indie-pop songwriter Daisy Harris takes us through lost love with new single, ‘Come Home’.

I don’t know how you’re living these days but I find even in the most serene stages of life, moments are slipping away at a catastrophic rate. It is easy to be shaken by the surreptitious wrath of time, when the close suddenly becomes distant and the once important, now nostalgia.

It is in this vertigo like condition in which I have found a new appreciation for the more quiet and introspective style of music, songs of the Phoebe Bridgers, Kurt Vile variety, songs like… well, songs like ‘Come Home’, by Daisy Harris. The tranquil folk ballad opens with two chords lazily meditating between each other, along with three repeated spidery notes layered on top which gives the track a lovely low-key vibe.

Harris’s vocals are soft and heartfelt but there is an underlying depth to her voice which gives her delivery a distinct tone. Drums, synths and ambient sounds of conversation, nonchalently saunter in and out of the track as Harris contemplates how she can, “never go home”, a fitting metaphor for not being able to return into the arms of a past lover. The track ends in a place of dissonance as Harris admits she isn’t done with her messy love-torn situation, leaving the listener with no option but to return feverishly to the sun-laden surety of the song’s opening notes.

Whether a wasted sunny day or a rain-soaked Tuesday; a hungover Sunday or a Friday gone wrong, if you need some time to reflect or purge yourself of emotion, then I’d urge you to sit back, listen to this track and let time slip away

Daisy Harris’s debut album, ‘Tornado Dreams’, will be out April 8th, 2022. Listen to new single, ‘Come Home’, below: