Single Review | Creeper | Ghost Brigade

I love a surprise, and what a surprise this is – Creeper are back! Delivering a brand-new single that no one seen coming and quite frankly the wait for new music has been worth it! 

After delivering a special set in London’s iconic Roundhouse, a set that came with many weird and wonderful surprises – the band announced a new chapter bringing a close to the Sex, Death & The Infinite Void era. The set was closed by brand new single, Ghost Brigade. With the gig title being “When The Sun Goes Down”, the clues were there from the start.

The single is the first drop with the band’s new label Spinefarm Records, who have worked with the likes of Bullet for My Valentine and While She Sleeps.

With a new logo and new music, the next stage of this band’s incredible journey begins now and with this single coming in the way it has, it brings me that extra special bit of feeling along with it. It reminds me of the band’s earlier days when the Creeper EP dropped in 2014, back then I instantly fell in love with this band, and they have gone from strength to strength and this new track is proof of that with a nice nod to where it all began. 

This track just screams a circle pit kind of pace with the sort of old-school melodies that are made to be screamed at the top of your voice, and it is utterly fantastic in every way. It is an incredible and furious piece of punk-rock fury that I can 100% get behind – if this is the sign of the new Creeper ride, then strap me in with a one-way ticket.

Things are very exciting right now for this band and it’s the way I love life as a Creeper fan, you never know what’s around the corner and it just keeps you gripped and on the edge of your seat waiting for their next move. Regardless of what’s next, you can be sure things are going to be special.