Gig Review | Anchor Lane w/support | The G2 Glasgow | 21.01.2023

On January 21st, I went to the G2 in Glasgow to See Anchor Lane, a Three-piece hard rock band, who were supported by Blue Nicotine and North Atlas, who are both Alternative Rock bands, to celebrate the release of their Sophomore album Call This a Reality? which was released the day prior.

Blue Nicotine were up first, with a very good set were the whole band were play very well and in time with each other. They played most of their short discography, which includes songs like the Placebo Effect and 1982 with heavy hitting drums, fast guitars, and large vocals for a really good set overall.

Next up was North Atlas, who did have a fair few technical difficulties before and during the set. However, they still managed to put on a very solid gig besides the difficulties, with them playing songs such as House of Mirrors, Ire and Hypnotist with great instrumentals and vocals, along with very eerie and creepy electronics, creating a very weird yet interesting set.

Last up was Anchor Lane, who put on an amazing show, which vicious drumming, amazing guitarwork, and spectacular vocals. They played a large chunk of their latest album Call This a Reality? With songs including the opener Stutter, Nitroglycerin, Ministry and Electric Karma, while also playing song off their first album Casino, including Voodoo, Dead Run, Flatline, and the Title Track.

Overall this was a great night that involved a lot of crowd interaction from all three bands, constantly talking to them and even having short conversations with members of the crowd. I’m confident that all three bands will become huge acts in the Scottish music scene and could maybe even get some fame overseas in the future.